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'A page-turning novel-reader’s novel. A Horror novel that it never tries not to be... part of me is entram-melled by this book and I need to finish it so I can escape properly.'

   - Des Lewis, The Real-Time Gestalt Reviews of Books



Daere is like most of the ageing population in the run-down North Wales coastal town of Ffrynt: quiet, responsible, and born of a time when people had manners and knew their place. Not the sort to troll online bookstores, or stalk the object of her affection, or to harbour grim secrets. Certainly not the sort to, when events don't go her way, head on a violent collision course with single mum Clary, once a treasured new neighbour, now the target of a dangerous obsession...


'You will find yourself face-to-face with a shocking exploration of one woman’s strangest urges, and another’s terrifying attempt to comprehend them... a white-knuckle read to be sure.'

   - M. Grant Kellermeyer

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