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Dave Brzeski

is a lifelong fan of Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror, who decided to try his hand at reviewing for the British Fantasy Society in 2011. Since then his reviews have also appeared in Occult Detective Quarterly/Magazine, Skelos, Parsec and on John Linwood Grant’s GreyDogTales blog and the SF Crows Nest website.


At some point he thought it was a good idea to get involved in editing, and has edited books for his partner, Jilly Paddock, Pro Se Press and others.


For Shadow Publishing he had the great pleasure of editing The Spirit of the Place & Other Strange Tales: The Complete Short Stories of Elizabeth Walter (2016), which also got a special limited, numbered hardcover edition (400 copies) from Centipede Press.


Of all the work he’s done, he is probably most proud of Shadmocks & Shivers: New Tales Inspired By the Stories of R. Chetwynd-Hayes, which was also published by Shadow Publishing.


As a long-time fan of occult detective fiction, he offered to help out with Occult Detective Quarterly, which he somehow found himself co-editing. He is still not entirely sure how he came to be the publisher (with Jilly Paddock) of the retitled Occult Detective Magazine.


For reasons he can’t quite grasp, he’s now also involved in editing SILENCE: Untold Cases of Algernon Blackwood’s Psychic Doctor for Belanger Press, albeit it will be an Occult Detective Magazine special, and produced in partnership with Cathaven Press.


He is often to be found in dark corners muttering about wanting his life back.

Illustration by Marni Scofidio

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